Every instrument we rent is hand crafted and set up to the highest standard.

Each instrument includes a hand crafted Brazilwood bow with real horse hair,

rosin and a sturdy case.

Shoulder rests, music and other accessories are also available.

Half of the rental fee, can be applied towards the purchase of any

of the fine instruments that we carry.

Our equity program unlocks your purchasing power so you can obtain just

the right instrument when you're ready to purchase.

Rental plans are available for 3, 6, and 12 month periods

whichever time frame best suits your needs. You'll find the price

of our rental plans competitive and our service outstanding.

Our minimum rental period is three months.

Longer rental periods are available at a discount.

Premium rentals of higher quality instruments are available as well.

See price list in the right column for details.

Winston Salem Violins understands that good violin technique

is a result of quality training and consistent practice.

We strive to provide the highest quality instruments so that you can excel in your playing.

Winston Salem Violins is a full service violin shop

specializing in repair, restoration and sales of fine violins, violas, cellos

and their bows. We endeavor to provide the finest quality

instruments available to beginner and advanced players anywhere in the South.

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Winston Salem Violins
Rental Rates for 2007

Basic Violin Rental
Three Month Rental $28/mo.
Six Month Rental $25/mo.
One Year Rental $22.00/mo

Basic Viola Rental
Three Month Rental- up to 15” $28.00/mo.
Three Month Rental- over 15” $30.00/mo.

Basic Cello Rentals 1/2 Size and Up
Three Month Rental $55.00/mo.
Six Month Rental $52.50/mo.
One Year Rental $50.00/mo.

Premium Rental Violin

Three Month Rental $35/mo.
Six Month Rental $32.50/mo.
One Year Rental  $30.00/mo.

Premium Rental Viola & Cello
(call for price and availability)

Rent to Own

Call for more information on this

attractive lease option