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A special note of thanks goes out from us to Dr. John Fadial for his fine performances given in these recordings.

Dr. John Fadial is concertmaster of the Greensboro Symphony and professor of violin at the University of North Carolina Greensboro.

Those wishing to contact Dr. Fadial are encouraged to email him at:  jmfadial@uncg.edu

All instruments performed on by Dr. Fadial are from our collection.


To hear any of the following instruments just click on the instrument you would like to hear.

mp3 Files

Clement & Weise 120

Caesare Castelli

Maurizio Catellani 1999

Maurizio Catellani 2002

Constantine Celani 1919

Mauro Fabretti

Giuseppe Fiorini

Claudio Gamberini

Giovanni Pallavar

Claudio Rampini

Albert Warrick

       The above are a sampling from WSV's collection. Come back soon for more to come!

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