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Another serious restoration, necessitated by worm damage, was accomplished by the complete replacement of the damaged wood with new. Note that the flames of the replacement maple matches that of the original. The key to this successful repair was in the matching of new wood to the old.

At left is a weight patch fitted to add strength to a violin who's back was too thin and consequently too weak to project sound in a large concert hall.
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Here the above rib repairs are partially glued to the back with the weight patch now disguised to blend into the color of the wood surrounding it. Note as well the doublings of the top and bottom block areas of the back. All that remained was the construction of new upper and lower blocks, glueing back the top and resetting the neck to finish this restoration.
Restoration techniques have been evolving and will continue to do so as technology and the imagination of the restorer allows. The craft of restoration is one that should only be undertaken by one trained in the shop of a master restorer where the necessary skills can be learned and employed.
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